Our customers' tastes are simple. They are satisfied with nothing but the best! Here is what our brides have to say about The Bridal Conservatory and their preserved mementos (a very short, partial list):

Ms. Audrey Tan-Zubiri (wedding gown, and Spanish lace veil):
Thanks so much again for your help and for taking care of my wedding gown and veil! I travelled back and forth (to/from Spain) for those and even personally handcarried it and it would have been such a pity to just watch it deteriorate in my closet. I'll call you when we celebrate our 25th or my future daughter wears my veil or gown! :-) I'm so glad I had them preserved; I'll treasure it for many years. View wedding photo

Ms. Johnica Panganiban-Aherrera, Manila (wedding gown):
I am happy that my gown turned out to be really beautiful! My parents were so amazed by the gown, they had the same expression on their faces as the first time they saw me wearing it on my wedding day. Thanks so much!

Ms. Ianne Sison-Evangelista, Bride & Home / Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor-in-Chief (wedding gown):
My wedding gown overlay was one delicate piece of silk tulle embellished with crystals and glass beads, and my second dress was of pure Chinese silk delicately beaded on the train, but unfortunately marred by a wide black stripe of dirt after dancing at the reception. No hotel dry-cleaner would take it; Peninsula refused to treat it. I knew you were the only one who could handle such a task. You did an excellent job!
By the way, your condition report also made an impression on me; it was so delightfully technical and informative! it reminded me of a sartorial version of a CSI report (CSI as in the TV show everyone seems to be into these days). Very cool! Even non-brides I've spoken to about your services were quite pleased (specially the ones who like to don a fully beaded ballgown once in a while). Again, super, super thanks!

Ms. Jett Ricafort, San Francisco, USA (bridal bouquet):
I e-mailed just to let you know how pleased I am with the way my bouquet was preserved. I really did not expect my flowers to be preserved exactly the way they looked during the wedding day, but the finished product just exceeded my expectations! The frame matched the matting and the flowers preserved really well. Again, thank you very much!!! Please feel free to use my name as a reference.
Ms. Serene Santos and Leo Bartolo, Alberta, Canada (bridal bouquet and wedding dress):
We received both shipped packages today, and both my preserved flowers and dress look awesome! So beautiful! Thanks very much for everything!

Ms. Elaine Molo Dungca (wedding dress):
I want to thank you for the excellent service, timely communication, and very favorable results on the preservation of my bridal gown. I definitely want to keep my dress for many years to come! Thanks too for the gift. It was so thoughtful of you and much appreciated. Thank you so much again and God bless!
Mrs. Connie Araneta, Manila (on her three daughters-in-law's wedding gowns):
Thanks a lot. I like what you did with the gowns. I really hope they stay this way forever! Thanks again!

Ms. Donna Santos-Zapanta, Sydney, Australia (wedding gown and bridal bouquet):
Thanks, The Bridal Conservatory! We are happy with the results of my preserved gown and bouquet, and I am very satisfied with the service I have received. Even my husband commented on your friendly service. Thanks for looking after our memories. I have happily recommended you to my friends who will marry soon.

Ms. Patricia Bermudez-Hizon (bridal bouquet, wedding gown, and groom's suit):
I was so excited to see them, and was even more amazed when I did. I'm recommending you to a couple of friends :-) Thanks!

Ms. Rorie Carlos, Preview Magazine Associate Fashion Editor (special occassion Prada shoes)
I stepped on a chocolate macaroon, and it ruined my shoes. I felt so bad I cried. You did an amazing job with my shoes -- they look brand new! I'm deliriously happy! Our readers have to know about you!
Ms. Andrea Ramos, Metro Magazine Fashion Assistant (Louis Vuitton bag)
I ruined my bag's insides with a melted candy bar and an attempt to clean it with baby wipes. Thanks for removing the stain! You're a lifesaver. Thank you, thank you!

Ms. Blanche Decano, Manila (bridal bouquet):
When I saw my preserved bouquet, wala akong masabi kundi "Wow!" Then I touched the glass -- coz I wanted to touch the flowers to see kung totoong preserved na (di pala puwede -- hehe) Ang ganda ng bouquet ko. parang fresh pa rin.

Jay and Eloisa Rivera, Chino, California, USA (wedding gown):
We especially liked the condition report -- very detailed, thorough, and professional. We spent a lot of money for the wedding gown so it made good sense to preserve it after the wedding was over. We're glad we did.

Mr. Jojit Fernandez, Manila (wife's and sister's wedding gowns):
When the gowns were delivered to our house, we were out. When we got home, I texted the Bridal Conservatory right away. The gowns really looked great! My wife and sister were both very happy with their gowns. Thanks!

Ms. Eireen Dumlao, Manila (bridal bouquet and wedding gown):
I really appreciate it. The flowers were preserved very well. And the gown is as beautiful as the day I wore it. Thank you also for your gift (Beyond the Honeymoon) -- I'm sure it will help me and my husband. I will definitely refer you to friends. Thanks!


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