(1) How long will it take before my floral keepsake is ready?

For most types of flowers, the preservation process typically takes only four to ten days --- the quickest service you'll find anywhere!



(2) My bouquet is a few days old and they still look okay to me. Can it still be preserved?

"Old" bouquets are weak, less attractive, and tend to fall apart easily when preserved. As part of our commitment to producing quality work, we strive to meet our own standards for freshness when we commit to preserve your bouquet. See also FAQ #10.



(3) Do I need to make a reservation, and when?

To assure you of service even during our busiest seasons, please make a reservation weeks in advance. Reservations are secured only upon receipt of 50% of the gross fees, plus the pickup service fee (if applicable).



(4) I am from out of town. Can I ship my bouquet to you?

Domestic couriers are not able to guarantee the gentlest handling of fresh flowers, but we have had good preservation results in the past with bouquets that have been shipped to us. Always choose the fastest available delivery service (same-day if available) and leave detailed handling instructions with your chosen courier. Please see Tips for the Bride for proper handling while travel.



(5) What are the shipping charges?

We ship preserved bouquets nationwide, and internationally. Proper reinforced packaging of your preserved flowers and courier insurance will ensure the safest travel and gentlest handling. Shipping, packaging charges and handling fees apply.



(6) May I open the display case?

Absolutely not. Your preserved flowers have been expertly sealed inside the display case to protect it from dust and humid air. A broken display case will eventually damage your precious preserved flowers. Neither you, nor we, can bring your flowers back to their original preserved form.



(7) How do I select a company to preserve my bouquet?

There are a few things you should consider before selecting a company to preserve your bouquet. Beware of new and inexperienced companies (or individuals) offering preservation services and who claim to be able to duplicate The Bridal Conservatory's floral preservation results. Flowers not preserved using professional treatment processes will eventually turn brown or black in time, with only traces of the original color. They also often fall apart in 6 to 12 months or begin to mold. Ask to see actual year-old product samples (perhaps from customers from a year ago or more) and compare. Only The Bridal Conservatory can produce preserved flowers that look as fresh as the day you walked down the aisle with them. To see is to believe.

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(8) My fresh flowers have changed color after preservation. Is that normal?

Generally, fresh flowers darken slightly when preserved and preserved flowers darken a bit further with age and exposure to light. Reds will turn burgundy, whites turn off-white, hot pinks with a blue undertone will lean toward purple, peach colors turn pink. Overall, the result is a beautiful blend of natural colors.

(9) How long will my floral keepsake last?

Under normal living conditions and proper care, your flowers will last for many, many years. When kept in our original sealed display cases, your flowers are protected from exposure to the elements.



(10) My fresh flowers have wilted and started to decay. Can you still make me a floral keepsake?

Definitely! Just give us a photo of your original wedding bouquet, and we'll construct a preserved replica for you.




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