(1) Beautiful preserved flowers are so only if we have beautiful, unblemished fresh flowers to begin with. Handle your flowers with great care, as touching and bumping will bruise them. Be careful during those hugs!

(2) Have a separate bouquet to toss at the reception to help keep yours in good shape. Tossing your own bouquet will guarantee badly bruised flowers.

(3) Many florists prepare bridal bouquets several hours before your wedding (sometimes even the night before). If yours is a hand-tied bouquet, request your florist to install water cartridges that keep individual flower stems hydrated. After using the bouquet for photographs, get it to The Bridal Conservatory the soonest time possible. Arrange for a pick-up service, or send someone to bring your bouquet over to us right after the ceremony.

(4) Any additional mementos to be put inside the display cases, such as the wedding invitation, will be accepted by The Bridal Conservatory within 24 hours of receiving your flowers. Please make sure they are clean and ready for display. Once sealed, the display cases may not be opened to accommodate other items.

(5) Exposed stems may be submerged in water, but always keep the flower heads dry and undisturbed.


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